A Bit of History

St Pauls Cathedral, one of the major sight in this city, is awesome and that’s why you should go there.

To convince you, here’s below a list of facts you might not even know:

• St Paul’s Cathedral is the fourth church to stand on the site

•The dome is one of the largest in the world

• The quietest whisper can be heard from across the dome in the Whispering Gallery

• Martin Luther King once gave a sermon at St Paul’s Cathedral

•St Paul’s art collection spans across different art periods, all the way up to the present day

•Sir Christopher Wren, the cathedral’s architect, was the first to be buried in its tombs

•Many of Britain’s famous figures have been honoured in the cathedral

John Donne, Florence Nightingale, William Blake, Sir Alexander Fleming have celebratory monuments, while prime ministers Winston Churchill and more recently Margaret Thatcher have had funeral services held here.

•Suffragettes planned to blow up the Bishop’s throne in St Paul back in 1913

In an attempt to raise awareness for equal voting rights, suffragettes planted a battery-powered bomb underneath the bishop’s throne. However, the bomb was faulty and failed to go off.

•St Paul’s Cathedral and artists

Yoko Ono, Rebecca Horn, Anthony Gormley…

Written by: Camille

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