Mae + Harvey

Art Cafe

A bit of colour on Roman Road! From the inside decoration of Mae + Harvey, to its colourful waffles everything is joyously stylish. The genuine warmth and friendliness of its small team will make you pass by for breakfast, and stay for a late lunch. They do take away bread, pastries and turn the cafe into a charming brasserie at night (evening would be more accurate) If you’re around, you’re doing the right choice by stopping there. Definitely go for the waffles!

Symposium Cafe

A Fusion of Modern & Traditional Italian Cuisine

Bastante pastas and pizzas! Too often, we forget that Italian’s food is not only about pizzas and pastas. Symposium is a wine shop, a deli and a restaurant with a great Italian chef. If you are a true food lover and appreciate quality cuisine, that place is for you. Their menu is seasonal and authentic and their selection of wines is amazing.

Magus and the Fool

Art Cafe

Magus and the Fool is an independent Art Cafe that displays temporary art exhibitions featuring local artists as well as comic books for sale. The place is nice and cosy, with a fantastic staff. You can go there for a quality coffee or a glass of good wine. Not trying their food would be a major mistake. Everything is home made, even the bread they are using to make the sandwiches! To be honest I won’t be able to advise you something in particular as all their food is quite exquisite. Why not trusting the Chef’s special and let it surprise you?

Pavilion Cafe

Brunch at Vicky Park

Spring is here! We are finally able to stay on a bench outside without being wrapped in a massive scarf. Pavillon Cafe is re-opening every spring, offering the perfect place to brunch or to have breakfast on a sunny day in East-London. Everything is home made or locally sourced. Their coffee is awesome and their Sri Lanka’s breakfast is pretty good. The other breakfasts are mostly pricey, it’s still good, but you might consider going somewhere else to have an avocado on toast. The place is for sure a great spot to enjoy the heart of the park, just keep in mind that sunny weekends you will struggle to find a table to sit.

The Coffee Room

Mile End Coffee Shop

The Coffee Room is a nice venue in the bustling Mile End. They offer nice cakes, coffee, breakfasts, sandwiches and salads (maybe even more since I don’t know their menu by heart) The cafe is small but they have also a cosy outside at the back. That is not the best location ever, but the spot is great if you are looking for quality food or coffee. Sitting right in front of Mile End Park, you can always order a take-away and enjoy it in the park.


The Best Fish & Chips in East London

East Londoners are the most picky in the world when it comes to Fish and Chips, so when you see a place with a queue outside everyday, you can be sure it’s good! Why not stop by Britannia Fish Bar? Our local Fish Bar is 100% typical, their price are fair, the portion are huge (you can definitely share a big one with an other person, bare in mind that Britannia is only take-away) and to be frank that’s not too bad!  Quick, easy and fresh cod and chips! And the best part is that it’s only 2 minutes away from Park Villa’s gate 🙂


Local Laid Back Cafe

Muxima is a really nice and welcoming cafe/ restaurant on Roman road. Their food is exceptional, their staff is caring and will make you want to stay for an other quality coffee. Artisan coffee, homemade cakes and bread…breakfast, lunch, dinner, wines, craft beers, cocktails, art exhibitions, pop up dinners, gigs, DJ’s, documentary nights, that’s what they do in Muxima (and I probably have missed some other things) That’s chilled, sociable, and has been rewarded several times by Time Out. This is a homely oasis in East London.