East London Liquor Company

Gin & Whiskey Distillery


The East London Liquor Company is a beautiful venue with a great pedigree. Located in the historical Bow Warf, they transformed an old glue factory into a gin distillery where you can drink glam delicious cocktails (with home made gin, of course!) and nice food. Don’t be alarmed by the fact that it’s buried in a small industrial park beside the canal, the place is a gem! It is best to seek advice from the bartenders who are truly passioned and will be delighted to guide you. You can for sure grab a beer but going there and not try their Negroni or Autumn Wood would be a shame.


Fancy Indian Restaurant


Buzzy destination for Indian street food in Bombay-style digs with vintage decor & eclectic touches. Book in advance otherwise you might need to wait for a table for hours. But if you are patient enough it’s worth it. Lots of flavours in a really nice atmosphere. The food is modern and served like tapas.

Dishoom is good for breakfast and it’s less crowded. It’s also good to know that they have good vegetarian options.  Shoreditch, Soho, Kings Cross, Kensington and even Edinburg have their own Dishoom. (but each of them are quite different)



The Crown

Victoria Park Overview

The Crown is a two-floored pub with beer garden, outdoor terraces and quirky, vintage-inspired styling. You will love the over-view on the park in both winter and summer. Their staff is friendly and will make you feel welcomed.

10 minutes away from Mile End station, the pub faces the entrance of Victoria Park and it’s a good way to take a break from the city. Go there for the view and the atmosphere, grab some ales and/or a glass of wine, a cup of fries and here you go!


Satan’s Whiskers

A Killer Cocktail

The name could scare you off, the outside as well actually. However if you finally take the plunge and step inside you won’t be disappointed! Satan’s Whiskers (named after a devilish cocktail, containing Italian Vermouth, French Vermouth, Gin and Orange Juice, Grand Marnier and Orange Bitters) is an excellent cocktail place. The staff will try to understand what you like the most to make sure the cocktail you order suits you.

The decor is stunning, between taxidermy and old french vintage poster you can enjoy a laid-back night with a really cool hip-hop soundtrack from the 90s. This is definitely the perfect place to go for a first night date! 😉


The Last Tuesday Society

A Museum of Weirdness

The Last Tuesday Society is a unique unpretentious cocktail bar in the centre of East-London.

Even in London it’s not that difficult to find some cool unpretentious places. But that’s not every day you can enjoy a drink between a cobra and a lioness.

On Mare Street, The Last Tuesday Society will make you step in a quirky world, where after few cocktails you won’t remember if you are in a taxidermy museum or in an actual bar. Downstairs you have a real museum which is an interesting journey into an incoherent jumble of random funny things.


The Book Club

Cheesy Club and Hip Cafe


I just love that place! Breakfast, brunch, exhibition, live music and DJs! The Book Club is in Shoreditch and offers pretty much everything. Go there for some late drinks and dance with a friendly crowd on cheesy tunes. It’s not a pub, it’s not a club and it’s different than the others dancing-bar that you will find around. The atmosphere is always warm and cheerful. If you like dancing on The Wham!, the Spice Girls and the early Black Eyes Peas that the place to go. And if you are more a hip-dancefloor lover just go downstairs where that’s the music and DJs are more on-trends.

Vinarius Wine Bar

My local wine shop/restaurant

Hidden gem in East London! 
Roman Road Market can seem a bit gloomy, especially when it comes to nightlife – but Vinarius is truly outstanding.
It not only is a place for great wine, which are all reasonably priced, it also has fantastic food with an excellent chef who often changes the menu.
Generally four whites and four reds by the glass and a huge range to take home or enjoy in store. Their staff is attentive and will know how to advise you.
From Spain, Italy or France their wine selection will make you travel.

Rusty Bike Pub Mile End

Rusty Bike Pub


Located near Mile End Underground Station Rusty Bike Pub aims to offer Great Beer and Thai Food. You will find a relaxed and a canteen-style atmosphere. If you are looking for a lively spot in a cosy atmosphere that’s the place to go.

You don’t like sport pubs? No worries at all, just go in the back where you can still enjoy comfortable sofas and fresh Thai food for a very reasonable price without TV.

The duck spring roll is a great way to start, as are deep-fried sweet potatoes with sesame. So on a Friday night, or on a Sunday afternoon that the popular place to be in Mile End.

The Palm Tree

Much-loved East London Pub The Palm Tree


The Palm Tree is a middle-of-nowhere Mile End venue for something money can’t buy – a Cockney experience!

Its canalside position is appealing to summer strollers, but it’s the evening vibe that’s the real draw. There’s often a live band, and since there are no neighbours within shouting distance, late-night knees-ups often get lairy.

It’s just so refreshing to visit somewhere with a distinct lack of hipsters. That is a place to go if you are tired of trendy and hipster over-crowded areas and wish to experience the true east-ender late night.

N.B : Take some cash with you as they’ve never had any card machine.