Sweet Liberty


Best known for its fabrics, Liberty is the loveliest department store on Regent Street. If you can fight the crowd and reach it you will find a little haven full of precious things. More humble than the shiny Harrods, Liberty is a gem to appreciate for his architecture, inside and outside stunning. Constructed from two ships, Mr Liberty wanted customers to feel as if they were exploring someone’s home, keeping the shopping galleries small, albeit linked to three rather grand atriums.

Unlike Harrods Liberty goes from affordable to eccentric prices. You will walk between young creators and well known brands. Go there for the perfume gallery where you will discover exquisite scents.

Of course the Christmas period is something magical but one more time, you have to keep in mind that central London gets a bit nutty in that time of the year. Despite the craziness, London is still the best place to feel Christmas, so fight the crowd and go for it! You won’t regret it.


Written by: Camille

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