Buckingham Palace

The Queen’s Headquarter


What can we say about Buckingham Palace that you wouldn’t already know?

If you are in the neighbourhood it’s worth the sight, as it’s still a major monument in London, but I won’t bother to stop by for the changing of the guards. Except if you enjoy being packed in a sweaty crowd where half of the people are doing selfies with their selfie-sticks.

But you can buy tickets to visit the inside of the Palace at different times of the year.

Green Park in front, is nice and the flowers are all year long stunning.


Shopping with Classe


Paris has Les Galeries Lafayette, New York has Bloomingdales, but in London we have the shiny and eternal Harrods! Harrods is sparkling from every corner; from high tea to diamonds you will forever be dazzled by that surrealistic department store.

But here’s few fun facts you probably don’t know about Harrods:

• Harrods was first established in London Stepney Green as a tea merchant and grocery store.

• Winnie-the-Pooh was found in Harrods.

• An Egyptian cobra once has been hired to guard a £62,000 pair of of haute couture ruby-sapphire-and diamond-encrusted sandals.

• A silver replica of Harrods is on display on the store’s lower ground floor. This was a gift from Gordon Selfridge when he lost a bet with the Harrods managing director.

• You can buy gold bullion off the shelf.

• Noel Coward, writer and playwright bought an alligator in Harrods Pet Shop one Christmas. A baby elephant was also sold by Harrods as a present to Ronald Reagan.

• Have you heard about the story of Christian the lion? Bought in Harrods in the late sixties and release in Kenya years after?  If not, that’s a great story including a happy ending. >  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvCjyWp3rEk

Museum of London

Get Lost Through London History


The Museum of London document you the history of London from prehistoric to modern times. You will also be able to have a look on the London wall as it is build on it.

Tourist, family day out, academic… etc permanent (free) and temporary exhibitions will please everybody. There are loads of interactive activities where you are 100% sure to learn thousands of facts and hidden gems about London.

From the galleries devoted to pre-historic London to the time of the Roman conquests to Henry VIII to the Beatles – everything is covered here. A fascinating show of photographs of modern-day Londoners is displayed on the undulating walls outside the museum. But the very best part is the surrealistic feeling you will get going through antics surrounded by a really modern neighbour.

You cannot say you know London if you haven’t stopped there before!