The Hemingway

Gastro Jazzie Pub


The Hemingway is a great Hackney gastropub serving British meals made with locally-sourced ingredients.

They have taken a beautiful old building and given it a very stylish hunter’s lodge theme, literally covering every wall with taxidermy. Despite the resurgence of taxidermy these days, they have managed to bypass looking ‘trendy’ and have decided on a much more traditional theme, more Scottish Highlands than Shoreditch. The food is excellent – creative gastro pub stuff, not too expensive – and the bar is well stocked with plenty for the connoisseur.

Do yourself a favour and go to this place for a Sunday evening roast or for a stunning beef wellington to share.

The Lauriston Pub

Victoria Park Night Out

Casual brick-walled pub with stone-baked pizza menu (and local delivery), live gigs and weekend DJs. Just footsteps away from the beautiful Victoria Park, The Lauriston can be found in the heart of Victoria Park Village. With its array of boutiques, gift shops, café, fantastic restaurants and much more.

If you are looking for chilled Friday or Saturday evening this the place to go. Their pizzas are nice for a good value and their staff is super friendly. That’s 10 minutes walk from Park Villa. Fun and relaxing.


The Victoria

Mile End Pub


You will spot The Victoria with its striped awning outside on your way to Victoria Park. It’s a great place to be on weekdays and weekends.

Not your average pub. There are vintage jumble sales at the weekend and during the day one corner of the pub transforms into a hair salon. Weird and amazing clutter decorates the walls, (please have a look at the stuffed squirrels behind the bar) and there’s a little stage which often showcases up and coming Dj’s and bands. If you are looking for a warm and feel-like-home atmosphere that a corner worth to stop.



The Greedy Cow


Serious about Burger


The Greedy Cow in Mile End was created by two brothers with discerning tastes, a love of good food and a strong belief in value for money. This is mainly what you should expect from it.

The chef prepares all the original classics with the usual adornments – such as the classic burger, cooked medium and served in a soft sourdough bun with beef tomato and sliced red onions, and the sirloin steak, aged for 21 days to ensure a tender, flavoursome result – while more exotic meats keep the menu fresh and exciting. Wagyu, kangaroo, bison and crocodile are turned into classic burger in Greedy Cow, and it’s worth to try!

Otherwise I would definitely recommend their bar and their selection of beers (made in Brick Lane), it’s a place where going by yourself won’t matter as their staff is always friendly and chatty 😉


The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

An exhibition dedicated to Cornwall’s most magical Museum. The exhibition will feature haunting photographs of haunted objects from Of Shadows: One Hundred Objects from The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic by Sara Hannant and Simon Costin and a bewildering mix of magical objects including a Witch Mirror, a waxen curse poppet, spells and charms and items from a Black Magicians altar.

This exhibition will start on November the 2nd till the end of February in The Last Tuesday Society, a very cool bar and museum. The place is near Victoria Park, so it’s just a few minutes walk from Park Villa, at Mile End.